Book's reception in UAE

Khaleej Times
Saturday- May 2, 1998
Holy Quran in scientific light
Searchers for extra-terrestrial intelligence should look no further than the Holy Quran, suggests the author of a new book which provides mathematical and scientific proof of the extra-terrestrial origin of the holy book.
The Ultimate Revelations by Jamshed Akhtar was presented in the UAE at the Sharjah Book Mall under the patronage of Sheikha Azza bin Sultan Al Qasmi on Thursday. The book is also being promoted by the Government of Sharjah's Auqaf department.
"This book has interest for religious persons certainly, scientists definitely and even for those interested in science fiction," said Uthman Barry, a teacher who hosts Discovering Islam on Sharjah TV.
The Ultimate Revelations is a book of fiction based on fact. As pointed out by Syed Khalil, executive director of Galadari Brothers, "It is the first attempt made to present the Quran in a scientific manner to the modern world."
He said its presentation with the aid of mathematical and scientific arguments would give the work credence among even the Western scientific community which was sceptical of all things religious.
"Throughout my education, I was taught that science and religion do not go together," said Dr. Bilal-Abdul Aleem of the Sharjah Auqaf department and co-host of Discovering Islam.
"This book goes a long way in presenting spiritual philosophies to intelligent, scientific people," Dr. Bilal added.
The author, himself a scientific person being a retired engineer, has spent twelve years researching the book. During his research he discovered the key to unlocking the mathematical code in the Quran which, he believes, may be the first of several layers of coded messages beneath its primary text.
Mr. Akhtar also argues that while a particular community of people in the world is convinced of the existence of extra-terrestrial intelligence and is awaiting a 'message' as confirmation of their beliefs, the possibility of such a message having already being received in the past has never been considered.
Mr. Akhtar invites intellectuals to re-examine the Quran in the light of mathematics and science which he believes will convince them that the holy book is a divine message that is proof of its extra-terrestrial origin.
Gulf News
May 1st, 1998
Azza Sultan impressed by the new book.
Sheikha Azza Sultan Al Qasmi, daughter of His Highness Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasmi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, yesterday had a reception at which she introduced to the public a book, The Ultimate Revelations, written by an Indian author, Jamshed Akhtar, at the Book Mall here.
The book, described as "a fascinating blend of the latest scientific research, science fiction and philosophy," was initially published in India and was brought here by its author on a fund raising trip, when Sheikha Azza heard of it.
Impressed by the book and its contents, she offered to publish it in the U.A.E. Dr. Bilal Abdul Aleem, one of the speakers at last night's reception, said "The Ultimate Revelations" was among the first of many books in the English language that Sheikha Azza intends publishing.