The Background

 I am a retired engineer, working on selected topics of Quran for the last several decades.
    While trying to understand the Quran - a Guidance for all time, the possibility of finding 'unlimited information' in a 'limited body of text' began to interest me from the very beginning.
    In 1996, I presented a possible solution of this problem in the form of a hypothesis about coded information in Quran. The title of the book was ‘The Ultimate Revelations’. 
    The hypothesis had two components. First, outlined a design that predicted the continuity of revelations via the arrival of a last and final transmission with all the future guidance in layers, one beneath the other, to be decoded at regular intervals till the end of time. The second component  then analyzed the claim of Quran being that last Message.
    To support this hypothesis, three hundred and fifty arguments were presented, from its language, its time of arrival, the characteristics of its recipient nation, the information in its contents, the presence of an interpreting mechanism, and the over all impact of this Message on a time scale spread over fourteen hundred years. 
    The arguments significantly included a discussion on Rashad Khalifa's mathematical structure in the text, pointing out the problems that had become the basis of its rejection in the Muslim world; and some additional data that had the potential to reestablish the structure in the world. 
    The book was first of its kind, a science fiction on Islam, and written for wider reach. It was however  self-published as no major publisher accepted it. It was a stupid move, and though the book received good reviews in numerous newspapers of India and UAE, my inept handling of its distribution, ruined the book’s chances of creating large scale exposure of the research at the time.